GlitchSPANKR – Alpha Demo

GlitchSPANKR is a very odd game that plays like a single player version of Prop Hunt as you hunt down a virus that’s preventing you from playing an “adult” game.

In GlitchSPANKR you’re all geared up to play the latest instalment of your favourite game franchise – Big Booty Slapper 6. However, when you get to the title screen it appears to be glitching and pressing start makes the game totally crash. It looks like you’ve got a virus, so you load up the GlitchSPANKR antivirus software and attempt to track down the culprit.

The actual gameplay in GlitchSPANKR is pretty simple – you just look around the levels and spank any objects that you think could be the virus in disguise. There’s not a whole lot of skill involved, but it’s oddly entertaining, has some great humor and promises plenty of secrets and alternate routes/endings. If the devs manage to inject a little more challenge into the gameplay then it could be a blast.

Download The GlitchSPANKR Alpha Demo Here (Windows)