Global Adventures – Steam Beta Key Giveaway

Global Adventures is a globe trotting massively multiplayer action RPG in which you travel to real world locations, conquer monster-filled dungeons, grab loot and battle massive bosses.

In Global Adventures you travel across five continents and seven seas with an aim of uncovering the hidden treasure hidden within sprawling dungeons. You take control of a new member of the THA (Treasure Hunters’ Association), who unearths an ancient mystery that sees you travelling the world, battling three different factions and facing off against zombies, vampires and ancient gods (all in a day’s work for a treasure hunter).

It’s a fun looking game that’s packed full of variety, with exploration, tower defence elements, side scrolling shoot ‘em up sections, intense third person combat, lots of customization options and a nice selection of locations around the world to travel to. We have 5000 Steam Beta keys for Global Adventures to giveaway! To claim your key just complete any two actions in the widget below and your code will appear instantly.

You Can Check Out The Global Adventures Steam Page Here

Global Adventures Steam Beta Key Giveaway!