Global Conflagration – Open Alpha

Global Conflagration is a near-future real time strategy game that harkens back to the glory days of Command and Conquer.

In Global Conflagration you’ll be able to build and command your army as you face off against rivals in classic RTS battles. It clearly draws a lot of inspiration from Command and Conquer, with the military RTS gameplay, the units and even the UI feeling very much like an update of the C&C formula.

It’s a very accessible and stripped back take on the RTS genre, with a good (but thankfully not overwhelming) selection of buildings, upgrades and units to use. It’s certainly very easy to pick up and play if you’ve ever played a C&C game, with the main difference being that rather than harvesting Tiberium, you compete to capture key resource points. It shows a lot of promise and it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re hankering for some classic RTS warfare.

Note: If you’re struggling to find a match you can hook up with other players in the Discord group

Join The Global Conflagration Open Alpha Here (Click “Request Access” For Immediate Access)