Glorch’s Great Escape – Alpha Demo

Glorchs Great Escape

Glorch’s Great Escape is a unique puzzle platformer in which your character can’t jump and isn’t even particularly fond of walking, instead Glorch prefers to get around with the use of ‘Telenades’ – grenades that allow him to teleport.

Glorch can throw these Telenades in any direction, then teleport to wherever they land.  This simple premise and clever level design makes for some innovative and enjoyable puzzle platforming, requiring a good aim and even better problem solving skills.  The original build was created for Ludum Dare 32 and we’re glad to see the devs continuing to work on the project as it’s a joy guiding your obese alien through this charming pixel art puzzle adventure.

Check Out The Greenlight Page HERE

Download The Glorch’s Great Escape Alpha Demo HERE (Win & Mac)