Go Find Carl – Game Jam Build Download

Go Find Carl is a funny little stealth horror adventure where you attempt to make your way through a zombunny infested city to meet up with your buddy Carl.

Created of the RPG Maker No Travel game jam, Go Find Carl is a lighthearted spooky adventure set in post-apocalyptic city that’s overrun by hordes of zombunnies. Obviously in such a pandemic it’s best to stay inside, but your buddy Carl has called you and asked for your help, so you set out on a perilous journey that requires speed, stealth and a little puzzle solving to survive.

Taking around 15 minutes to play through, Go Find Carl is a fairly simple and delightfully silly little adventure with a great sense of humor and some fun twists along the way. The artwork and audio are great, there’s a nice variety of gameplay and the zombunnies can be surprisingly scary at times. A fun little bite sized adventure that may take a bite out of you.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Go Find Carl Here (Windows)