Go Home Annie – Alpha Demo

Go Home Annie is a creepy narrative-driven first person horror adventure where you test out artificially recreated anomalies at an SCP facility.

In Go Home Annie you are a D class test subject who works at an SCP facility that focuses on attempting to artificially recreate genuine SCP anomalies. You often repeat the same tests over and over again, and last time it seems that your memory was temporarily wiped. As you carry out the tests you’ll learn more about the facility, discover secrets, solve puzzles and uncover your true purpose.

The demo build of Go Home Annie sees you carrying out a test that involves a mysterious camcorder and a creepy house. There’s a nice mixture of exploration, puzzle solving, narrative and horror, and the atmosphere and visual design are superb. Best of all is that, much like SCP: Secret Files, Go Home Annie focuses on the more obscure SCP anomalies and there are lots of for little easter eggs and plenty of lore to discover. An excellent take on the twisted world of SCP.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Entropy Centre Alpha Demo Here (Steam)