GOB – Alpha Demo

GOB is a quirky and creepy claymation styled puzzle adventure where a trip to a vending machine ends up taking you on a very unexpected journey.

In GOB you are a grubby little human (or human-like creature) who lies in squalor in a weird little home built inside a sewer system. After waking up from a long sleep you’re a little peckish and fancy a little treat from a vending machine. However, things don’t go quite according to plan!

GOB plays similarly to a classic point and click adventure, but with you having direct control of the character and with a rather novel inventory system. You can only carry two objects at a time (one in each hand). If you want to use an object you need to use that hand and if you want to combine two objects then you press both hand interaction buttons simultaneously. It takes a lille getting used to but it’s quite clever in its simplicity.

It’s a very unique game with a fantastic visual style, inventive puzzle design and environments that feel so filthy that you feel like you could do with a wash after playing it. A charming and grubby puzzle adventure well worth digging into.

Download The GOB Alpha Demo Here (Windows)