Goblin Stone – Beta Demo

Goblin Stone is a charming hand-drawn turn-based RPG adventure that lets you see things from the other side of the sword, as your motley band of goblins make their way through a world filled with bloodthirsty humans, elves and dwarves.

Currently in development by Orc Chop Games, Goblin Stone is a narrative-driven fantasy turn-based RPG adventure that’s told from the goblin’s perspective. You take control of a little band of goblins and change their fate as you explore a huge procedurally generated world. Along the way you’ll battle humans, elves and dwarves, recruit more goblins, build a great goblin lair and selectively breed goblins to improve the chances of future generations.

The lair-building takes place under the surface, but main gameplay takes place above ground and sees you controlling your squad of goblins as they march onwards to the right. When you meet an enemy it switches to turn-based combat, with different types of goblins having different abilities available to them. The game features permadeath, so if any of your troops fall in battle then they’re gone for good, but fallen fighters do earn you a bonus that you can use to bolster your goblin army.

It’s a great game with high quality hand drawn artwork, easily accessible turn-based combat and a fun premise. What’s perhaps most impressive is that the goblins and orcs are all very likeable and you sympathise for their plight in a world terrorized by humans. After playing this you may be a little more sympathetic for them the next time you’re watching Lord of the Rings!

Download the Goblin Stone Beta Demo Here (Steam)