GOBLIN UZI – Prototype Download

GOBLIN UZI Game Download

GOBLIN UZI is a fun old school run and gun FPS with lots of enjoyable physics based destruction, stylish low rez visuals, randomly generated level design and (literally) eye-popping Uzi wielding combat!

The current build of GOBLIN UZI offers four randomly generated levels of awesome fun and gun action in which you use a shotgun, grenades and an uzi to battle a small army of adorable little goblins. The gameplay and AI is fairly simple, but it’s the little touches that make the game so much fun – such as the way the goblins heads swell and pop when shot, the way you kick to smash your way through doors or the way you can kick popped eyeballs or footballs around the levels.

Unfortunately development of GOBLIN UZI is currently on hold, but hopefully the dev will come back to it at some point as its comical first person combat and gleeful physics based destruction shows a lot of promise. Those little goblins are adorable, but they’re so much fun to shoot!

Note: Control Pad is Required (Press X to kick your way through doors)

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The GOBLIN UZI Prototype Here (Windows)