Goblins 2 Go – Game Jam Build

Goblins 2 Go, a fun made to order goblin brewing game made for the Ludum Dare 40, has you trying to concoct the perfect goblin for each customer!

In Goblins 2 Go customers come to you, one at a time, looking to purchase goblins with specific attributes. They have brought a sketch of what they want their goblin to look like. You need to use this sketch to make changes to your default, happy yet small goblin. This goblin will jump into your cauldron, ready to be changed into whatever the world needs them to be!

You have four shelves of potions to add to the cauldron. Each shelf is labeled with the general part of the body that it will affect; arms, legs, body, and face. You can add a little or a lot of each potion but the more you add the bigger the effect will be on the final goblin. Since you can’t see into the cauldron, you will need to estimate how much you will need. Once your goblin is finished, you can click on the cauldron to see what you’ve created!

Goblins 2 Go is a great little game that allows you to create some pretty wacky goblins! Managing to great the right type of goblins can be pretty tricky though – try not to upset your customers!

Play Goblins 2 Go Here (Flash Required – May Not Work in Chrome)