God is a Cube: Nanomachines Rising – Alpha Demo

God is a cube download

God is a Cube: Nanomachines Rising is an inventive cube-rolling puzzler, in which you must ‘program’ the cubes movements then watch as they play out in front of you.

You play a cubic god who will be able to create life, transform planets and conquer the universe.  It’s a unique puzzle adventure in which you must program your cube with a variety of movements to allow it to collect pick-ups and reach to the exit.

You program your cube by inputting a list of commands at the beginning of the stage, then you watch as the commands play out.  This starts of fairly easily, but soon gets more complex as trickier obstacles and different programming parameters are introduced.

The Alpha Demo build features a sizable chunk of the game and full game promises much more, with you able to control thousands of nanomachines and transform the charming little cubic planets. But even in these early stages of development it’s a unique and inventive game well worth checking out – a cleverly designed programming based puzzler.

Check Out the Greenlight Page & Download The Alpha Demo Here (Win, Mac & Linux)