God is a Ghost – Game Jam Build Download


God is a Ghost, a strange game made for the Procedural Generation Jam 2016, has you exploring a weird procedurally generated town, meeting odd characters, drinking coffee, looking for God and hiding from a scary big pink blob.

In God is a Ghost you awake in are in a strange procedurally generated house in a procedurally generated town.  There are many things you can interact with; a coffee pot to get a drink, a toilet to use, doors to open or people to chat too. Most of the homes in this village have tablets on the walls in a strange language. If you speak to the people inside the house, they will take you to the tablet and read them to you. You woke up today questioning God. Most people in your town follow these tablets and the guru – who is their God.

As you explore around to see if you can find out if there truly is a god, there is a creature that wants to stop you. This huge pink blob creature will chase you, it even goes through doors, before consuming you. If you are consumed, you will start back at a new house, as a new person full of questions. You only have three lives, but after being consumed all three times, the game doesn’t quite end or restart.

It’s a very strange experience, with stylish visuals, bizarre characters and a lots of procedurally generated oddity.  A very weird enlightenment-seeking slice of randomness in which you might just discover the meaning of life (or just drink lots of coffee and get killed by a big pink blob).

Download God is a Ghost Here (Win & Mac)