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GODHOOD download

GODHOOD is a super cool rhythm action beat ’em up in which you time your punches and special attacks to beat up demons and impress a dragon-like character that you invented which somehow manifested in the real world.

The opening cutscene is very early in development so equal parts bad and awesome (you can skip it, but the bit where Avadra turns around and the beat kicks in is worth sticking around for alone), but tells the story of a writer called Riff who’s creation somehow manifests in real life, and how he pretends to be the it’s follower to placate it and stop the disastrous events he wrote about from taking place.  . Once you get past the cutscene the music kicks in and the game really comes into it’s own as you unleash your attacks in time with the beat and fight off endless hordes of monsters.

You control your character movement with the arrow keys, and punch, dodge and use special attacks with the z, x and c keys respectively. Combat is very tricky to master as you not only have to avoid enemy attacks, but also have to time your attacks with the beat of the soundtrack – using normal attacks for the thin white beats and unleashing a powerful special attack on the thick white beats. It’s tough, but very addictive and super fun – especially when you manage to time a special attack right.

GODHOOD is still very early in development, but already the audio and visual design is fantastic. The spectacular effects when you unleash a special attack are a joy to behold and the audio track is a pulsing electronic extravaganza. You’ll need some fighting skill and a good sense of rhythm to last more than a few seconds in GODHOOD, but once you master it, it’s an audio/visual feast unlike anything else.  A true BEAT ’em up!

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Download the GODHOOD Alpha Here (Windows Only)