Godhunters – Alpha Demo

Godhunters is a super tough roguelike first person shooter that sees you slaying monsters, earning cash, unlocking stackable upgrades and battling powerful bosses.

In Godhunters you start the match being randomly dropped into a map filled with monsters, treasure chests and various points of interest. Treasure chests can contain weapons, stackable upgrades or gems. The gems can be used to purchase upgrades at the various points of interest (fountains, buildings, monuments, etc), but each point of interest is guarded by a gang of monsters that’ll attack you on sight.

The current build of Godhunters features a single forest level and three possible bosses (with the game ending when you defeat two of them). You start with a fairly weak character and a basic pistol, but there’s a nice selection of weaponry to find, including shotguns and a magic staff. Meanwhile the upgrades that you can purchase will give you useful buffs, such as health regeneration, faster movement speed and poisonous bullets. You’ll REALLY need all those upgrades too as the monsters are relentless and the longer you stay alive the tougher they get.

Some of the textures and environmental details in Godhunters can look a little generic at times, but the gameplay is very addictive and the feeling of panic you get as a horde of monsters charges at you is fantastic. It’s a very tough game and you’ll die a lot, but it has that all important “one more go” factor – mainly thanks to the fact that there’s so much to discover as you run and gun your way through the woods. Highly recommended.

Check out a Gameplay Video Here

UPDATE: This Alpha Is No Longer Available