Godly – Student Project Game

Godly is a fun little twin-stick shooter adventure that sees you trying to stop hades from ruining your holiday in Greece.

In Godly you take on the role of a young holidaymaker who has ended up choosing the same holiday destination as Hades, The Greek God of the Underworld. Even though he’s on holiday Hades is still causing chaos, with his minions taking over the city. Thankfully though Hades has also left his luggage scattered around the city, which contains some powerful weapons and armor that can be used to dispatch him and his legions of monsters.

Taking around 20 minutes to play through, Godly is a very easy game, thanks largely due to there only being two types of enemy to deal with (which can easily be defeated by circling them and shooting). However, the controls are tight, the visual design is excellent and the weird and wonderful equipment that you pick up is fantastic. Highlights include wearing Cupid’s boxer shorts on your head or the headphones which create a laugh out loud moment that we won’t spoil here (but you can watch it here if you like). A whimsical little adventure that is a little too easy, but a lot of fun.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Godly Here (Windows)