God’s Basement – Alpha Demo

God’s Basement is a creepy narrative-driven first person horror adventure that sees you uncovering forgotten memories of your past life whilst spending your afterlife in a strange office building where nightmarish monsters lurk in the shadows.

In God’s Basement you wake up in a normal looking office, complete with computers, business files and corporate artwork hanging on the walls. However things take a nasty twist as you notice a sign on the wall saying “welcome to the afterlife” and a nearby phone rings, with the person at the other end of the line claiming to be “The Operator” and giving you a series of instructions to follow. As you follow the Operator’s instructions you’ll discover memories of your old life and attempt to fight fear as horrors from your past haunt you.

What’s promising about God’s Basement is it’s premise and afterlife office setting. The narrative is intriguing and it builds a lot of tension as you explore the deserted office block. However, as soon as you pick up the flashlight (an overused mechanic that plagues modern horror games) God’s Basement starts to turn into a much more generic feeling fright-fest. It’s a shame as the first half of the 25 minute(ish) demo seems to be setting up something much more cerebral and unique. It is just a demo though and it’s still early in development, so things may change and the majority of the scripted scares do land well. It’s not perfect, but it’s certainly worth checking out for its creepy atmosphere and interesting interpretation of the afterlife.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The God’s Basement Alpha Demo Here (Steam)