God’s Gift – Kickstarter Demo

God’s Gift is a wonderfully wicked pixel art puzzle platformer that blends Pikmin/Lemmings-esque gameplay with Lovecraftian monsters as you mutate and sacrifice your cultist followers to appease the Elder Gods and fight a mysterious enemy.

In God’s Gift you control an emissary of the Elder Gods who has been sent to earth to gather flesh and souls to allow the Elder Gods to reform their physical bodies and find off an attack from a mysterious enemy. Thankfully the hapless humans are devoted to you and will follow you wherever you go, but their flesh is weak – you need to keep them safe(ish) and guide them to the sacrificial altar in each level where they can then be sacrificed for your cause.

The current demo build features a sizeable chunk of gameplay, with five large levels, a boss level and a level editor mode to play around with. Your Elder God Emissary is invincible, but other than that you start each level with no discernible powers. Your cultist minions follow you around as in Pikmin and although your aim is to get as many of them as possible to the sacrificial altar you’ll have to sacrifice a few on the way to clear a path for the rest of them.

Throughout the levels you’re able to sacrifice individual minions at special sacrificial altars. Each special sacrificial altar brutally maims one of your followers in a unique way and grants you a new godly power. These powers are then used to temporarily transform individual cultists into Lovecraftian monsters who use their special powers to aid your progress.

Even in these early stages of development God’s Gift is a fantastic game with a novel blend of Pikmin/Lemmings style puzzle platforming gameplay and a wonderfully macabre premise. The pixel art animation is particularly delightful – especially the monster transformation and the horrible deaths your followers endure at the special sacrificial altars. Captain Olimar would have a breakdown if he ever saw what you do to your minions!

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