Goetia – Alpha Demo


Goetia is a creepy point-and-click adventure game that sees you playing the spirit of a dead girl as she tries to unearth the mystery of what happened to her, her family and her home.

Puzzles can have multiple solutions, and are solved without the use of an inventory system (ghosts don’t have pockets!).  You may no longer have a body, but being a ghost does have some advantages – such as being able to fly through walls and possess objects.   You’ll use these ghostly powers to solve puzzles and ultimately, get to the bottom of what’s going on in this rather sinister manor.

The artwork in Goetia is particularly impressive, with every area of this gothic victorian manor and surrounding area carefully crafted, with a great attention to detail.  This, combined with the excellent ambient soundtrack, make for a rather tense and atmospheric experience (with plenty of soul),

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Download the Alpha Demo HERE (Win, Mac & Linux)