Going Down in Fishstory – Game Jam Build

Going Down in Fishstory is a charming and creative 2D little underwater adventure that follows the story of three little fish as they descend down to the bottom of the ocean.

Created for Ludum Dare 48, in Going Down in Fishstory you are a little globefish called Bubblyn who needs to make her way to the breeding grounds deep down at the bottom of the ocean. An oil spill has blocked your usual path so you’ll have to make your way through more treacherous uncharted waters.

You’re accompanied on your journey by Booba (your partner) and Joefish the Blowfish (your rather cocky friend). There are many dangers along the way but you do have the handy ability to to charge and inflate to smash obstructions and even kill small enemy fish (though you’ll need to evade the bigger ones).

Taking around 10 minutes to play through, Going Down in Fishstory really impresses with its fun, fast paced underwater gameplay, beautiful artwork and interesting game world that’s full of surprises. The voice acting is particularly enjoyable, with it injecting lots of humor and really making you care about the fate of the little fishies. Highly recommended.

Download or Play Going Down in Fishstory Here (Windows & Browser)