Golden Axed – Prototype Download

Golden Axed is a cancelled prototype of a Golden Axe reboot that SEGA were working on back in 2013, which sees Ax Battler slicing his way through hordes of enemies in a snazzy 2.5D fantasy world.

Released for a limited time as part of SEGA’s 60 year anniversary (along with Streets of Kamurocho) Golden Axed is a long cancelled prototype of a Golden Axe reboot that SEGA Studios Australia were working on back in 2013. They were also working on 2.5D reboots of Altered Beast and Streets of Rage but unfortunately when SEGA Studios Australia was shut down all the projects were cancelled.

Golden Axed is very much a prototype so don’t expect too much – it features one short level and one playable character (Ax Battler). The combat is fairly limited, but fun, fast paced and arcadey, much like the originals. It does show potential and might have been a great game, but it could also have turned into turkey (it’s hard to tell). As it stands, it’s far from a masterpiece, but it’s certainly a fun little curio well worth checking out.

Download Golden Axed Here (Only Available Until 6PM BST Today)