Golden Rush – Beta Download + Free Bonus Code (Steam)

Golden Rush

Golden Rush is an innovative fantasy MOBA which shakes up the genre a bit with four teams battling each other, slaying dragons and monsters, looting and stealing gold with one single goal – amass the most wealth.

There are heroes, towers and monsters, but there are no creeps, nexus, lines or woods in Golden Rush.  The main goal is wealth – players can harvest it on a variety of ways around the map by slaying monsters, collecting treasure chests and stealing from other teams.  This makes for a fun dynamic as the leading team is targeted by the other teams looking to steal their wealth.  There’s also a Diablo-style inventory system which makes Golden Rush feel more like a traditional RPG than most MOBA’s

It’s still early in development so does have a few rough edges, notably with the UI and balancing, but Golden Rush certainly shows promise. It brings a lot of fresh ideas to a genre that’s starting to stagnate.  A fun MOBA that feels a lot like a traditional loot based RPG, but instead of just fighting dragons and monsters, you have to contend with other players too.

The good folks at Elyland have sent us a bonus code that can be used in-game to unlock a special helmet that has the ability to increase mana and vision. So if you’re playing, use this code for some hardcore headwear:  LA-GenRev31-pa

Download Golden Rush Here (Win, Mac & Linux)

3 thoughts on “Golden Rush – Beta Download + Free Bonus Code (Steam)”

  1. they game isnt very good. It has a 44% rating on Steam to show proof of how not good it is. I played it, it has a long ways to go to be even come close to being as good as the 3 established mobas.

  2. Tbh Craig Baker, your comment is supremely lame for a number of reasons. Although I agree that the game isn’t very good, to just say the game isn’t good is, imo, nothing more than ignorant tripe coming from someone who thinks their opinion is worth something, worth enough that it doesn’t need any reinforcement nor information that leads to the concluding opinion.
    Had you said something along the lines of, “they game isn’t very good because it is totally a Pay 2 Win free game…” or “they game isn’t very good because of the tiny selection of characters…” etc… Saying that it has a 44% rating on Steam means absolutely dick and is not proof of anything except how much that particular gaming community enjoys or supports the game and does nothing to tell how good or bad the game is. There can be great, well made games that aren’t very well received but still be a good, well made game. How much a game is liked does not dictate how good a game is, look at Dark Souls for example.
    Anything at all to back up your opinion would make your opinion at the very least worthy of some sort of respect. Saying “they game isn’t very good” and then using other peoples opinions (without providing details of those opinions) to support your claim just goes to show that your opinion is shit because what you said means absolutely nothing. Even saying “I didn’t like the game” would have meant more.
    And finally your “it has a long ways to go to be even come close to being as good as the 3 established mobas” portion is also ignorant tripe. If you are going to provide a review of sorts of a game, other games should not come into the equation. If you are going to provide a review of sorts of a game it should be a review of the game standing alone and not a comparison to other games.

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