Gold’n’Blood – Alpha Demo


Gold’n’Blood is a superb side scrolling blend of Metal Slug, Ghouls ‘n Ghosts and Castlevania in which you hack and slash your way through beautifully animated pixel art levels, battling enemies and collecting bucket loads of gold.

Gold’n’Blood impresses as soon as you clap eyes on it, with it’s beautifully crafted pixel art world that’s bursting with color and interesting enemies to slay. Your character has a handy array of abilities, including the ability to parry projectiles and juggle enemies up into the air, which you’ll have to master as it can be a real challenge at times!

Gold’n’Blood is called “Gold’n’Blood” for a reason – namely the vast amounts of cash that bursts out of enemies when they’re dispatched. At times there’s so much money flying around that you’ll have no chance of collecting it all, but it looks very cool and you can use the cash you do collect to purchase upgrades between levels.

After spending some time with Gold’n’Blood it draws favorable comparisons to Ghouls ‘n Ghosts and other classics such as Metal Slug and Castlevania, with beautiful pixel art visuals, fast paced arcade combat and challenging old school gameplay. It’s still early in development but it’s shaping up to be a fantastic slice of side scrolling arcade hack n slash action. Metal Slug with swords and ridiculous amounts of gold.

Check Out a Gold’n’Blood Gameplay Video Here

Download The Gold’n’Blood Alpha Demo Here (Windows)