GoldSpace – Beta Download

GoldSpace is a retro styled narrative-driven twin-stick Sci-Fi dungeon crawler where you fight your way through enemy-filled spaceships and steal their energy core, to allow your spaceship to fulfil its mission of finding a new home for the human race.

By the year 5072 humanity was on the brink of extinction after depleting all of the Earth’s natural resources. In a last desperate attempt to save the human race they initiated the GoldSpace Program – a project where crews were gathered and launched into space to search for an inhabitable planet, with a promise that whoever found one would be given unbelievable sums of wealth. You awaken from stasis on one such ship in the year 5213 and it appears the human race still hasn’t found a home. However, that may be the least of your worries as it appears that maybe your crew is more concerned about saving themselves than the human race…

In GoldSpace you take on the role of a “Rogue” – a lone soldier who is sent into enemy spacecraft and space stations to gather resources for your own ship. Ships can be infested with alien, overrun by cannibals or hijackers pretending to be Goldspace personnel. You’ll need to hack, sneak and shoot your way through the destructible ships, discovering secrets and collecting valuable resources as you go.

It’s a fun Sci-Fi twist on the traditional dungeon crawling adventure, with an intriguing narrative, fast paced gameplay and lots to discover as you blast your way through the ships’ destructible environments. An addictive and action-packed Sci-Fi space adventure well worth embarking on.

Download The Goldspace Beta Here (Windows)