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Golem Creation Kit is a funny sandbox puzzler in which you craft mighty golems from random things in the environment, such as sheep, dead sea monsters or entire buildings, as you attempt to scare away pitchfork-wielding mobs from your castle!

In Golem Creation Kit you play a wizard who is studying along with his crow companion while his master is away on a trip. Unfortunately there are hordes of local villagers who keep turning up and attempting to storm your castle though, disrupting your studies in the process. The only thing for it is to use your handy Golem Creation Kit to build different types of golem to scare them off.

After making your way through a very cleverly implemented tutorial, you’re then allowed to look out of your window to grab anything that might be suitable for building your golems – and we really do mean ANYTHING. You can grab cows, buildings, mummified bodies, vast stretches of sea and much, much more (basically if you can see something then you can probably use it).

Different materials have different physical properties that will affect the type of golem you create, which is handy as different characters in the horde will be unaffected by different types of golem (for instance lumberjacks will not be scared of wooden golems). The current demo build features 8 different possible golem to create and the first three days of the campaign. Obviously more types of golem would be preferable (which will be available in the full game), but the golems aren’t the best bit of the game anyway – the most fun is in discovering all the secrets the landscape has to offer as you scour it for golem ingredients. In fact the meagre sixty seconds you get to create your golem never feels quite enough as there’s just so many hidden easter eggs to find out there to find.

It has a few rough edges (a quick restart option would be good), but Golem Creation Kit impresses with its playful sense of humor and it’s a joy exploring the environment then crafting golems out of lots of the random objects you find. A great bit of golem building fun.

Note: Be quick creating your first Golem – if you run out of time and fail on your first day you’ll have to complete the tutorial again.

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