Golf Club: Wasteland – Beta Demo

Golf Club: Wasteland is a narrative-driven 2D golfing game where human life on Earth has now been wiped out and it’s now a golf course for the mega-rich.

In Golf Club: Wasteland you take on the role of a lone golfer who has returned to the crumbling remains of Earth for one last game of golf. Humanity has been wiped out on the planet and those rich enough to afford it fled to Mars. The ruins of Earth have now been converted into a massive golf course full of holes that require a little more lateral thinking than a traditional course.

The holes in Golf Club: Wasteland are incredibly tough and you’re playing in the post-apocalyptic remains of Earth, but it’s still an oddly tranquil experience. This is thanks largely to the fact that your stroke count isn’t really a big deal (just getting to the hole is the main challenge). The tranquility is also down to the fact that the worst thing imaginable has already happened, the world has ended, worrying about anything else after that seems a little irrelevant. Also, humanity may be wiped out, but animals and plants are still flourishing so it’s not all bad (aside from the fact that squirrels like to steal your gold balls).

The artwork and animation in Golf Club: Wasteland is superb and the course design makes inventive use of the post-apocalyptic setting. Another real highlight is the radio station you listen to as you play, which plays beautiful music and also helps relay the story of humanity’s fall and life in a post-apocalypse. A golf club at the end of the world well worth visiting.

Download The Golf Club: Wasteland Beta Demo Here (Steam)