Goliath – Beta Demo


Goliath is a fun open world survival action adventure game that plays like a blend of Borderlands and Don’t Starve in which you roam the wilderness, build giant mechs and start fights with local wildlife!

Goliath features crafting trees and resource gathering, but you don’t have to worry about boring things like hunger levels or tiredness. All Goliath‘s crafting is firmly geared towards changing you from a 70 lbs weakling to a mighty mech-wielding warrior, fighting all manner of bizarre creatures and going on fun quests.

You start the game in your base with just a few weak mechs at your disposal, and must scavenge, fight and trade for resources which can then be used to upgrade your arsenal. As you explore the beautiful procedurally generated world of Goliath, you can switch between mechs at the touch of a button, allowing you to switch tactics depending on your adversary. There are also factions that you can align yourself with to gain unique weapon or mech plans, or you can just go to war with them, it’s up to you!

It’s gearing up for release on Steam on the 12th of May, so the devs are busy putting on the final touches, but if the Beta Demo is anything to go by, it’s going to be a joy stomping through the vibrant world of Goliath and punching wildlife in the face!

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Download The Goliath Beta Demo Here (Windows only)