Gone – Game Jam Build Download


Gone, a game made for the MiniLD #56, is a challenging but fun puzzle game with a bit of an interesting twist.

This game, which is heavily inspired by the DOS game Paganitzu, puts you in control of a mysterious robot. This robot is pushing around boxes and spheres to make it to the exit of some sort of factory. Some exits may require one or more key to be collected before it opens. All of these doors are hard to reach as there are boxes in the way that need to be moved. You can only move one box, one space. Therefore, rows of two or more boxes cannot be moved. The first few levels of this game are pretty simple, showing you the basics, however the challenge ramps up pretty quickly.

Later in the game, spheres are introduced. Spheres can be pushed into electrical-looking wall blocks to eliminate them from the level. Along with keys, pages can also be collected with mysterious clues that sometimes relate to the film noir inspired cut scenes.  Your robot is shown during the cutscenes to be looking for something. These small, dramatic frames add a captivating and mysterious story to this game. Though this game is lacking sound, the puzzles themselves make it more than worth playing.

Challenge yourself and interpret dramatic scenes in this addictive puzzler.

Download Gone HERE (Win only)