Gone with the Demon – Alpha Demo

Gone with the Demon Game Download

Gone with the Demon is a very cool first person brawler with a fluid bidirectional combat system, brutal melee weapons and deadly enemies that will punish you for your mistakes.

In Gone with the Demon you explore a deadly labyrinthine dungeon full of traps, secrets, possessed humans and freaky demons. Each encounter is a high stakes battle for your life as it can only take a few blows to send you to your grave – which you really want to avoid as each time you die the enemies get tougher. You have a nifty set of moves at your disposal though – you can lock-on to enemies, dodge, block, counter-attack, pull off combos and use assorted weaponry to beat those demons into submission.

The combat system takes a little getting used to, but once you get to grips with it Gone with the Demon is a remarkably intense and fun experience. Each encounter is approached with a degree of trepidation reminiscent of Dark Souls, with you required to learn enemy attack patterns, dodge attacks and time your attacks precisely, all while managing your stamina levels.

With each kill you earn Demon Essence which can be used to level up specific attributes and even purchase weaponry later on. You can’t use the weapons your enemies drop, but there are weapons and useful items scattered around the levels that you can use, and with each kill you earn Demon Essence that can be used to level up specific attributes such as strength or stamina.

The Alpha demo build takes around half an hour to complete and really impresses with its challenging gameplay, tense atmosphere, creepy enemies and brutal melee combat. Bone crunching first person dungeon brawling that requires skill and strategy to survive.

Note: Control Pad Highly Recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Alpha Demo Here or via Steam Here (Full Alpha Also Available to Purchase)