Good Impression – Game Jam Build


Good Impression, a fun little game made for the Ludum Dare 37, sees you rushing to tidy up your one room apartment before your mother comes to visit!

Your mother has asked to stop by your new place. You told her it was fine before you realized she meant she wanted to visit right now. Even though you just got this apartment, without the nag of your mother, you have not really considered cleaning, let alone done it. Now, you must clean your whole room before she gets here!

Your single room studio apartment has everything you would need – a closet, a desk, a fridge, a bed, a washing machine, closet, laundry basket, a stove, and a sink. All of these areas can be used to help clean up your room. Spills of mysterious liquids dot the floor, each one needing to be mopped up with some sort of cloth. Dishes also need to be washed in the sink before they are clean. Everything else – pizza boxes, soda, unpaid bills, tissues, socks, shirts – need to be put in their proper place before your mother arrives. All this must be done in 3 minutes. Once you have tried to hide, clean, and put away everything in your home, your mother will arrive. She will then promptly have a close inspection of your house and tell you where you have messed up.

Good Impression really impresses with its charming pixel art visuals, fun sense of humor and frantic flat cleaning gameplay. Will you ever manage to tidy up and impress your mother?  Maybe, but you’d better be fast, she’s coming over in three minutes!

Check Out the Good Impression Ludum Dare Page Here

Play Good Impression Here (Browser)