Good Knight – Beta Download

Good Knight is an intense genre-bending single-button bullet hell hack n’ slash shoot ‘em up that draws inspiration from Super Hexagon as your brave little knight batters all manner of mythical monstrosities.

The core gameplay of Good Knight is controlled with just one button, which you press to attack and change direction at the same time. It’s not strictly a single button game and you can also hold the attack button and aim your shots using an analogue sticle or slow down time using LB, but the majority of it is a single button experience. Your knight constantly walks forward so you need to switch his direction to help him avoid enemy fire and attack enemies when they’re in range.

As you can expect from a game inspired by Super Hexagon, it’s a very fast paced and intense experience that requires focus and timing. The visuals are impressive and there’s a nice mixture of enemies and big boss battles to deal with, all of which make the one-button bullet hell gameplay feel nicely varied. It’s tough as nails so you’ll die a lot, but you can feel yourself improving as you play and you have unlimited continues anyway. An intense and inventive mash-up of genres well worth checking out.

Download The Good Knight Beta Here (Windows)