Good Morning Drifter – Game Jam Build

Good Morning Drifter is a charming narrative driven experience in which you chat to friends, eat pears and watch races between members of your amateur ladies Saturday morning race club.

It’s Saturday morning, which means it’s time for your weekly amateur racing club to meet up at the local car park and do some racing. Unfortunately your car is getting fixed at the moment so you can’t race this week, but you can chat with the other members and watch the races.

There are four racers and once race organiser to chat to in Good Morning Drifter, each with a cheery personality and a fruit/flower themed name (such as Dandelion or Sea Buckthorn). You’ll get to know each character as you talk to them and you get a great feeling of camaraderie within the club.

There are four races to watch (two semifinals, a third place race and a grand final), with the outcomes and fixtures being dependant on how well the AI racers drive (there is no predetermined winner of a race). The cars aren’t exceptionally fast and the racers aren’t particularly talented at racing, but it’s all good fun and nobody gets too worked up about winning or losing.

During its half hour play time Good Morning Drifter offers a charming, chilled out and social counterpoint to the testosterone-fuelled high speed competitive thrill-fests racing games usually deliver. A whimsical little experience that’s all about having fun with friends rather than coming first. A cheery little racing club well worth enrolling in.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Good Morning Drifter Here (Windows & Mac)