Good Vibes Jogging – Game Jam Build

Good Vibes Jogging is a delightful little game where you go for a little jog through a park and spread good vibes among the other joggers.

Created for the OST Jam Vol. 4 by andyman404 (creator of Mr Buttman’s Grand Opening and Fingerpaint Art Restoration) Good Vibes Jogging is a lighthearted jogging game where you burn a few calories and make a few friends. In the game you simply mash the P and Q keys to jog faster, then you press the random key that pops up on the screen to spread good vibes. If you spread enough good vibes to the same person then they’ll become your friend. Your friends don’t give you a speed advantage or anything like that – it’s just nice to make friends!

It’s an uplifting little game with lots of charming bird-like joggers to befriend, vibrant visuals and a catchy soundtrack. The gameplay is very simple, but also very additive and a quick little jog in its colorful world is guaranteed to brighten up your day.

Play Good Vibes Jogging Here (Browser)