Goodboy Galaxy – Kickstarter Demo

Goodboy Galaxy is a delightful exploration action platforming game for Game Boy Advance (as well as PC and Switch), which follows a brave space adventuring doggie as he gets trapped in the depths of a strange alien planet.

In Goodboy Galaxy you’ll follow the adventure of a brave space exploring dog as they explore a strange planet, blast baddies, and meet new friends. After exploring the surface, he accidentally fall down into the depths, where things are a little less safe. He’ll now need to explore and try to find a way back out.

The Goodboy Galaxy Kickstarter demo is a short standalone adventure that won’t be part of the final game. It’s a finely crafted experience with some very clever level design, lots of characters to meet, challenging gameplay and lots of secrets to unearth. There’s even a secret character hidden away from another indie retro action platformer (Orange Island), but you’ll really have to look hard to find her!

The GBA had some good looking games, but Goodboy Galaxy really is one of the most beautiful things to grace its screen. The chunky cartoony characters are all beautifully animated and the entire world is bursting with color and detail. The game plays beautifully too and there’s a real attention to detail in the level design that allows for some very creative gameplay. Sure, the Game Boy Advance is a two decade old console, but it really doesn’t show in Goodboy Galaxy! Highly recommended.

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Download or Play The Goodboy Galaxy Kickstarter Demo Here (Windows, GBA, 3DS & Browser)