goodbye, doggy – Game Jam Build

goodbye, doggy is a charming little puzzle adventure where you take control of the spirit of a recently deceased dog and help its family get over their loss.

You’ve had a good time with your loving family, but your life as a the family pet has come to an end and it’s time to ascend to doggy heaven. Your family are all grieving over your death though, you can’t leave them like this! Maybe there’s something you can do to help ease their pain…

It takes around five minutes to play through goodbye, doggy, with you exploring your old house and carrying out a variety of tasks to help bring a bit of joy back into your family’s lives. This can range from helping them with a crossword to cleaning the dishes. They’ll never know it was you that helped, but your small actions can really help.

The puzzles in goodbye, doggy aren’t particularly challenging, but it’s a very pleasant little adventure that gives you a warm feeling inside as your little doggie does a few last things for its family. A charming little ghost dog adventure well worth checking out.

Play goodbye, doggy Here (Browser)