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Goodbye new world

Goodbye, New World is an excellent Minecraft themed first person horror that sees you exploring and solving puzzles in a decaying world once brought to life by the godly brothers – Notch and Edvard.

After Notch and Edvard created the beautiful blocky world, droves of settlers spawned in the villages, towns and cities and worshipped the brothers as gods.  All was well and all was good in the land until the brothers had a disagreement about the next update, things got heated and Notch sacrificed his own brother for the greater good.  But everyone knows you can’t really kill a god, can you?

Although it’s based on Minecraft, don’t expect and building and crafting here, Goodbye, New World is very much a linear narrative-based horror, focusing on storytelling and scares.  The Unreal Engine powered blocky world lends itself surprisingly well to horror, building an eerie atmosphere full of tension and the occasional terrifying jump scare (especially the end scene).

After a very promising start Goodbye, New World is currently stalled in development, but the dev does have plans to continue work on it, you can keep up to date and give any suggestions via the official facebook page.  We can’t wait to see more of Goodbye, New World, after playing the prototype, you’ll never look at the cheery, innocent world of Minecraft in the same way again!

Check Out a Playthrough HERE

Download The Goodbye, New World Prototype HERE (Windows & Mac)

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