Goodbye Volcano High – Beta Demo

Goodbye Volcano High is a beautifully animated narrative adventure with rhythm action elements, which follows the story of a teen dinosaur band who try to live their dream before the world explodes.

In Goodbye Volcano High you follow the story of Fang, the lead-singer and driving force of a struggling high school band who may have a chance of making it big. There are quite a few problems between Fang and her dreams, but the biggest is probably the fact that a cataclysmic event is going to wipe out all of the dinosaurs. Hopefully Fang will at least be able to have a wonderful senior year, succeed with her band and accept the end before it comes.

The gameplay in Goodbye Volcano High is part visual novel, part rhythm action. Throughout your story you’ll make lots of meaningful decisions that will affect how things play out. You’ll also complete minigames and play in your band in rhythm action sections.

The Goodbye Volcano High demo features a sizeable chunk of gameplay, and although there is the occasional line of missing dialogue, it’s a very polished experience with some great voice acting. The artwork and animation are superb, and you really become invested in the characters’ lives. Their impending doom does add a little melancholy to the proceedings, but it also makes everything feel more immediate. You really want them to have a great time during their final year. Highly recommended.

Download The Goodbye Volcano High Beta Demo Here (Steam)