Goodbye World – Beta Demo

Goodbye World is a narrative driven adventure where you play a retro puzzle platforming game on a Gameboy and learn the story of two indie game developers who are struggling to find inspiration and success.

In Goodbye World you follow the story of Kanii and Kumade, two indie developers who met in college and decided to make games together. They have made several games already, none of which have had much commercial success. Kanii keeps on pushing and is desperate to make a successful game, even to the detriment of the rest of her life. Kumade on the other hand, may be about to face a harsh reality…

All of this narrative plays out in between short puzzle platforming levels played out on a battered old Gameboy styled handheld console. The platforming is fairly simple, but you also have the ability to remove blocks and place them in other locations, which can make for some interesting puzzles.

The puzzle platforming gameplay doesn’t seem particularly linked to the story (which is even alluded to in the story), but it’s a fun addition that breaks up the chapters of the story quite well. It’ll be interesting to see where the story goes as it’s very well written and does a good job of encapsulating the struggles of game development. Hopefully they manage to find some form of success in games or in their lives!

Download the Goodbye World Beta Demo Here (Steam)