Goodbye World – Student Project Game

Goodbye World is a clever little first person puzzler in which you alter values in its code to change how the world works.

In Goodbye World you find yourself in a broken RPG game which requires you to alter its code to allow you to progress. You alter this game world via exposed sections of code on surfaces within the game by switching the values of the tiles that are attached to them – so for instance swapping the scale value of an object from ‘1’ to ’45’ will make it 45 times bigger or swapping ‘stone’ for ‘water’ will turn a structure into water.

It’s not perfect and does have a few bugs (if you accidentally lose a tile you’re screwed), but it’s a very clever concept and is filled with inventive puzzles that really require you to think outside of the box. A unique little puzzler well worth saying hello to.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Goodbye World Here (Windows)