Goofball Goals (Spotted by @FreakOramaXD) may not match the mighty FIFA for graphical fidelity or technical prowess, but as far as fun goes, it kicks it out the park.  Everything about the game is so wrong that it’s so right.   With players controlling like a herd of drunken ballerina sumo wrestlers, it’s probably the worst soccer game you’ll ever play, but ALSO the best. It’s just so much fun watching your players amble around the field, falling over each other, smashing scenery, trying to kick the ball and falling on their asses.

The combination of awkwardly animated ragdoll players and realistic physics is perfect, allowing for some truly hilarious moments. For added fun there are also mini-games and a Level editor which is great fun to play around with. You owe it to yourself to try Goofball Goals, it’s the best worst football game ever made.

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Download the shareware version for free HERE (Full version is $6)