Goomba Simulator 2015 – Game Jam Build

Goomba Simulator 2015

Goomba Simulator 2015, a platformer made for the Ludum Dare 33, gives you the chance to find out what is really going on in Mario Bros.

In Goomba Simulator 2015 you play as Billy, the first goomba Mario stomps in Super Mario Bros.  This goomba is at the first screen, normally squashed as Mario collects his mushroom and moves on. Life as a goomba isn’t too great. You come home with many plumber related accidents, you cannot provide for your family, you can only walk in one direction, and you have a very demanding boss.

But one day everything changes. Mario moves on without taking his mushroom, so it bounces down to you. Now you are able to jump and walk in both directions! You decide to explore the other areas of the Mushroom Kingdom and soon you may start to find some dark secrets in this charming and surprising goomba adventure.

Download or Play Goomba Simulator 2015 Here