Gorescript – Pre-Alpha Demo

gorescript game

Gorescript is an awesome old school first person shooter that draws inspiration from classics such as Quake and Doom as you run and gun your way through an alien space station blasting anything that moves!

Gorescript is the follow up to the very impressive WebGL based original of the same name which John Carmack himself was very impressed with. It was an incredible technical achievement that allowed players to play a fully fledged 60fps first person shooter instantly in a browser. The dev now looks set to see what they can do in a full downloadable game though, freed from the constraints of a browser – and the results are very good indeed!

What you first notice about Gorescript is how fast it is. This is no slow paced tactical shooter – this is a good old fashioned balls-to-the wall run and gun shooter where precision, speed and mastery of the strafe are what will keep you alive. As in the original, there are just two main types of enemy (one that shoots at you from a distance and one that charges straight for you), but that’s really all you need – the level design and enemy placement makes for a frantic, fast paced first person shooting experience that will kick the ass of the complacent.

Gorescript is tricky enough in Normal Mode but if you really fancy a challenge there are several harder modes and special Masochistic and Blackout modes that will really test your mettle. There’s lots of secrets hidden around the map and a nice selection of weapons and equipment to find, all of which spawns randomly in certain places around the map, making each play through a little different.

It really is a joy running, strafing and blasting your way through the chunky voxel based levels of Gorescript. It’s a great slice of old school FPS action with fast, flowing gameplay that makes it already feel like a classic. Well worth checking out if you fancy going on a good old fashioned retro run and gun rampage!

Important Notes: keep an eye out for secret areas (there’s one on your right near the start). If you come across the “Nightmare Contraption” we really recommend going into your inventory (TAB) and de-activating it unless you’re looking for a real challenge! You can’t jump until you find the Anti-Grav Boots – the items spawn randomly and you need them to collect the blue key so if you can’t find them anywhere try restarting the game.

Gorescript is Coming to Steam! Check Out The Steam Page Here

Check out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Gorescript Pre- Alpha Demo Here (Windows)