Gorilla Town – Beta Download

Gorilla Town is a brilliantly bizarre looking artillery warfare game where you control a robot gorilla who launches explosive fruit at enemies in an imaginary 1920’s Art Deco world.

Playable in single-player or turn-based local multiplayer, Gorilla Town draws inspiration from the classic 1091 Gorillas game for MS-DOS and sees you controlling a robot gorilla that causes untold devastation by hurling explosive fruit across beautiful Art Deco cityscapes. In single-player you’ll earn upgrades and fight an assortment of robotic behemoths in real-time as you attempt to escape the city, Multiplayer is more of a turn-based affair, much like Worms, with players taking pot-shots at each other while standing atop skyscrapers in the cityscape.

It’s a fun looking game with a fantastic Art Deco visual style, fast-paced projectile-flinging gameplay and plenty of destruction. Download the Beta now start monkeying around in this super stylish cityscape.

Check Out the Official Gorilla Town Website Here

Download The Gorilla Town Beta Here (Limited to First 100 Downloads)