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GoVenture World

GoVenture World is a an intriguing new massively multiplayer online business simulation game in which you create and manage your own virtual business in an augmented reality experience that’s woven around your life.

Playable on PC and mobile devices, GoVenture World promises to be ‘the most authentic virtual business experience ever created’.  Quite how it will manage this while still remaining fun to play, we’re not sure, but it’s certainly an intriguing concept.

There are a wide range of career paths in GoVenture World, allowing you to become lawyers, investors, marketers and CEO’s of manufacturing and retail businesses.  Players will be able to create and manage their businesses in a massively multiplayer world, competing and co-operating with other businesses in the game world.

Getting the balance between simulation and enjoyable gameplay may be tricky, but building your own business empire from nothing to a multi-billion dollar empire does sound fun.  If you’d like to be the next Donald Trump (but without the crap haircut), sign up now.

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