Grabanakki – Game Jam Build

When your only weapon is the floor under your feet, you know your ammo and time in this area is pretty limited. Grabanakki is an action platformer where you can only use the blocks at your feet to defend yourself.

In each level of Grabanakki enemies will appear and travel from one side of the screen to another, from the top to the bottom, around the existing blocks (really anyway that they really want to travel). You’ll need to grab blocks and throw them at the enemies – many of which need several hits before they will disappear. And you will need to get rid of them, as waves need to be cleared to allow the next wave to come – and eventually the next level.

Grabanakki has a variety of enemies, which each have their own unique way of messing with your screen. The first one you are introduced too shoots at you, which is quite damaging, but there is one that comes in from the top of the screen, breaks any blocks it touches, then disappears at the top and re-appears at the bottom, breaking blocks from the bottom. This guy, he’s a real monster!

You can choose where to throw your blocks using the arrow keys or looking in the direction you want to throw, but you can also throw the block downwards, to launch yourself into the air, which is great when gaps appear in the flooring and you need to get around easier. You’d think that larger blocks did more damage, but they don’t, so it might be best to leave them as flooring!

Grabanakki is a well polished game, with some great graphics to bulk out the fun gameplay. The various floorings in each level provide a lot of challenge, just from placement, and the variety in enemies is very impressive considering the limited amount of time the developer had for this jam!

Play Grabanakki Here (Browser)