Gran Skrea Online – Steam Early Access Key Giveaway

We have, 200 Steam Early Access keys to give away for Gran Skrea Online, an epic medieval fantasy MMO with ruthless PvP combat and old school MMORPG gameplay inspired by Runescape, Ultima Online, and The Elder Scrolls.

Featured on Alpha Beta Gamer last April, during a closed Beta key giveaway, Gran Skrea Online has now released on Steam Early Access with a whole host of new additions to its vast fantasy open world. In the game players can carve their own destiny as they explore, complete quests, discover lore, level up, collect loot, build and furnish their homes, conquer dungeons, battle bosses and fight other players on PvP combat. Your actions and criminal activity in the world have consequences too – so you may want to think twice about killing innocent people.

There are still a lot more features that the devs are planning to add to Gran Skrea Online, including more cities and cultures, an extensive guild system, player/guild owned shops and naval warfare, but the core gameplay is already very promising and feels fondly reminiscent of Runescape. To enter the Gran Skrea Online giveaway just carry out any of the actions in the widget below. Winners will be notified on the 25th of February!

Gran Skrea Online – Steam Early Access Key Giveaway

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