Grand Dad Mania – Beta Download

Grand Dad Mania is a fan made recreation of SilvaGunner’s now cancelled Sonic Mania parody, which features a bizarre bootleg Mario/Fred Flintstone character on a retro action platforming adventure.

The original Grand Dad Mania was an awesome looking Sonic, Mario and Flintstones parody that was based on the lore and memes of the Vinesauce Joel YouTube channel. Unfortunately the only build that was released was one that was created specifically for the Trailer (which is still available here) and since then the game has been cancelled. Thankfully though fans of the project have started building their own version of the game so this bizarre bootleg retro platforming adventure may see a full release yet!

The current build of Grand Dad Mania features one playable level and one playable character. It doesn’t take more than a few minutes to complete, but it is a lot of fun, with you taking Grand Dad (who is essentially Fred Flintstone with a Mario head) on a retro action platforming romp through a charming Flintstones themed Bedrock level. While it doesn’t feature everything the original trailer had, it’s still great fun – especially thanks to its cheerful soundtrack and charming 16-bit visuals. We’ll look forward to seeing more of Grand Dad’s retro bootleg adventure in the future!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Grand Dad Mania Beta Here (Windows)