Grand Guilds – Alpha Demo

Grand Guilds is a narrative driven turn based tactical RPG adventure that uses an innovative card-based combat system as you fight to stop the beautiful fantasy world of Irin from falling to darkness.

In Grand Guilds you take control of Eliza Stalfort, a member of a respected magical guild, as she leads a band of merry misfits to unravel a mysterious plot which may tip your land over the brink of war. The narrative is relayed through well written cutscenes, and you’ll be able to traverse a world map using a FFVII-esque flying ship, but what really helps Grand Guilds stand out is it’s novel card-based turn based tactical combat system…

During combat characters can move around the isometric battle arenas much like in X-Com, but each character has their own unique customizeable deck of cards that they draw from. The cards contain a variety of physical attacks, magical attacks and utility skills, each of which costs a certain amount of Action Points to use. At first you’ll only be given one Action Point to use but with each passing round that number increases (with a maximum of 5).You can manage each individual character’s decks and whenever you level up their attributes then that will have an affect on the card (so if you upgrade your physical strength then physical attacks will be more powerful).

The current build of Grand Guilds features around an hour’s worth of gameplay and although it’s still early in development, it really impresses with its interesting narrative, high quality visuals and innovative fusion of CCG and tactical turn based combat. The card based combat really adds to the experience, allowing for a nice amount of depth and the luck of the draw adding a nice amount of randomness to the battles so you don’t just keep spamming the same attacks. Play your cards right to crush your enemies in this clever tactical RPG CCG adventure.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Grand Guilds Alpha Demo Here (Windows)