Grand Mountain Adventure – Beta Demo

Grand Mountain Adventure is a wonderfully chilled out skiing adventure where you carve your way through large open-world ski resorts filled with beautiful scenery, races and secrets to discover.

Playable in single-player or local multiplayer with up to four players, Grand Mountain Adventure is a much more serene take on skiing than the traditional adrenaline-chasing fare of SSX and Steep. You have complete freedom to ski or snowboard anywhere in the large maps (there are 12 planned in the full game), with you discovering and using ski-lifts to reach the top of slopes where you can enter different events or just explore, enjoy the scenery and search for secrets.

The different events include traditional races as well as other disciplines like Super G, Slopestyle and Big Air. As on real ski-resorts the slopes are littered with other NPC skiers who you’ll need to dodge as you shred your way down. As you progress you’ll collect ski passes that unlock new ski-lifts and new resorts.

It’s a fantastic game that manages to capture the joy of skiing while avoiding all the stress. It makes for a skiing game that’s more chilled out than the powdery snow you’re carving through and a delightful place to just hang out and explore. Highly recommended.

Download The Grand Mountain Adventure Beta Demo Here (Steam)