Grand Theft Flying Object – Alpha Download


Grand Theft Flying Object (GTFO) is a 4 player local co-op game that encourages (not intentionally) frantic, bad teamwork. You and your friends are all stuck controlling a single ship and must work together to manoeuvre through the environment and fight off oncoming enemies.  As the name implies, you steal another flying ship when your ship is about to be destroyed, each time you change ships you’ll have to learn how to fly them, as different ships handle differently.   It thrives on the organised chaos that ensues when multiple people are forced to work together to fly a single ship.

The game was a university project developed by students and is now owned by the university, with the developers moving on to something else, so the game will probably never be completed.  This is a shame as cooperative play in the game is great fun, it plays well and has a wonderful art style.

Download the alpha/prototype build HERE