Grandpa’s Game – Game Jam Build Download

Grandpas game

Grandpa’s Game is a very short game consisting of two powerfully emotional interactive scenes that really stick with you long after playing.

You are a child spending time with your grandpa.  You are two very different people from two very different eras so it can be hard to find things to talk about, but you have formed a connection over the game of Chess.

Strangely enough you can’t actually ‘play’ Chess in the game, just move the pieces around and spend time with your grandpa.  It’s a short experience that teaches  you to slow down, phase out all your distractions and just enjoy your time with your Grandpa.

Note:  Once you’re finished with a scene press ‘N’ to move on to the next one.  Make sure you take your time though, there are only two scenes in the game, so savour your time with your Grandpa while it lasts!

Download Grandpa’s Game Here